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Technicus is the specialist Salesforce data implementation partner that offers a fully managed process for data migration and data management services across the Salesforce platform — using the Technicus approach to maximise customer and user experience.

Our experienced team of experts works with global system integrators, software providers and data, business and technology leaders to accelerate migrations — delivering data quality across the Salesforce ecosystem.

With sites in London and Warsaw, our passionate consultants and engineers take great pride in their work, providing the personal touch to deliver the right support for our clients — from SMEs to FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 multinationals.

Our core strengths


Streamlining Salesforce migrations

Data migration is a crucial yet complicated process that businesses must undertake when adopting or upgrading the Salesforce platform — involving mapping, cleansing and loading your organisation’s valuable information into the platform whilst improving data accuracy and integrity.

Without the right approach, a failed data migration can become the final hurdle that delays your go-live date — costing you precious time, money and credibility.

So, whether you are moving contact or account records, sales process data or any other business-critical information, a well-executed migration and ongoing governance strategy is vital to unlocking the full potential of your Salesforce investment and ensuring smooth operational continuity.

As an official Salesforce partner, we can help make sure this process is stress-free and compliant — addressing fundamental data issues to avoid pitfalls and empowering your organisation with the data insights it needs to make the most of Salesforce’s powerful capabilities.

Our mission

We are a group of data specialists driven by the realisation that without a good migration experience, strong data management and a deep understanding of your data, then organisations will not truly realise the value of their Salesforce investment. However, strip away our job titles, we are simply a passionate team of individuals who pride ourselves on quality delivery, making a significant impact on the user and customer experience across the Salesforce platform.

“Data is one of the richest commodities any business has, and Technicus is expert at bringing this richness to the surface so it is useful. Much like a gold miner brings rough ore and refines it, Technicus knows how to get the most from your data to bring value.

Whether it is for a school sports day or a global company, it always strives for excellence.

My favourite part of working alongside the Technicus team has to be their no-nonsense attitude. They will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Data is their passion, and in this data-driven world, they are superb allies!”

Matt Bradley-Roberts, Technical Architect at Salesforce

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