Determine your data management maturity with a point-in-time assessment

Data can be one of your most valuable corporate assets. By assessing the quality, integrity and reliability of your data, you can discover opportunities to improve your marketing ROI, enhance the customer experience and minimise compliance risks.

That is why we offer a comprehensive Data Health Check to help organisations measure data quality, quantify and qualify risks and assess their data management maturity level.

Core data quality dimensions:

Accurate data is free from errors and typos, providing a true and precise picture.
Completeness assesses whether all required data is present. Missing or incomplete data can lead to skewed insights.

Consistency ensures data across different sources or within the same dataset aligns and does not contradict itself.

Timeliness refers to how up-to-date the data is. This can refer to how long you are storing data or, more importantly, how recently you have had relevant engagement with the data — an important consideration for data storage and meeting data privacy rules.

Valid data conforms to predefined business rules and standards. Ensuring data aligns with these rules will have a immediate impact on your data quality.
Uniqueness assesses whether there are duplicate records in the dataset. Removing duplicates can improve customer experience and reduces risks to privacy and data access requests.

Why worry about data quality?

Poor-quality data can lead to negative customer and user experiences that cost millions in lost revenue every year, not to mention unnecessary storage expenses and compliance risks.

So, if your business wants to optimise its Salesforce investment and stop wasting time on tackling data quality issues, it is crucial to assess the current status of your data systems and processes.

Gain new confidence to make data-driven business decisions

Our experts will work with you to understand how you use data and identify areas for remediation and improvement through a series of quality assessments.

You will discover where data inconsistencies and inaccuracies could contribute to data privacy issues, your current level of process adherence and how much storage you really need — helping you avoid non-compliance fines and streamline your systems before, during and after a migration.

Contact our experts today to secure the insights you need to resolve data quality issues and ensure a seamless migration.

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