Drive a successful Salesforce implementation with data project delivery support

Time and accuracy are of the essence for any data migration. And yet, many Salesforce implementation projects run behind schedule, leading to widespread disruption and compliance issues. Plus, bringing your valuable legacy data into Salesforce can get complicated quickly, costing up to 40% of your project’s budget.

With Technicus’ Data Migration Delivery service, you will no longer need to worry about missing deadlines or experiencing operational issues during your data migration. By creating a clear roadmap for delivery and remaining on-hand to mitigate your project’s specific challenges, we can ensure a seamless migration that is on time, every time.

For Salesforce implementation partners

Technicus will act as your data stream and support you throughout the development life cycle by:

  • Validating functional, process and data model designs with clients’ data.
  • Providing relevant data to support testing and training.
  • Taking ownership of the data migration process, aligned with project milestones.

For Salesforce clients

We will help you with your Salesforce implementation by assessing, cleansing and migrating your business-critical data.

Technicus will take complete ownership of the project to facilitate  smooth adoption for your users and increase your return on investment.

Ensure a swift, compliant data migration with lasting business benefits

Working closely with system integrators and software partners, our Salesforce specialists harness proprietary ETL frameworks and mapping tools to accelerate data migrations. We provide guidance throughout your data journey to ensure minimal operational impact whilst significantly improving customer and user experiences.

The result? Confidence in your Salesforce platform to enable process automation, maximise the returns on your marketing initiatives, reduce costs and more.

Contact our experts today to secure the insights you need to streamline your data migration.

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